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Why Do You Believe In Monogamy? (Part 6)

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Why do you believe in monogamy?

Often it comes down to this.

You believe it has religious potential.

That it will bring you an ecstatic love experience.

As one girl I spoke with said, “If you never want to REALLY get close, stay away from monogamy, because that’s where that intimate connection truly happens. And when it’s right, it feels awesome.”

Why does it always come down to comparing “dick sizes?”

“The love I have is better than yours is!”

“What you’ve experienced so far isn’t real love.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing!”

She continued by adding that, “Neither of you even want the void created by sharing intimacy with another person…Because when you do that…It rips a void between you that feels, and hurts BOTH people like, a partial breakup.”

So what you would think from what she said right there?

Obviously she’s never TRIED it.

Surely she is just theorizing the point?

Her love life is too rich for that, right?

But then she said, “In my experience, you can not add in another person in a relationship between two people without vastly increasing the separation between the original two, and reducing the connection.”


You actually DID try it?

But you just told me that when you are in monogamous bliss?

This is not something either of you will even find yourself WANTING.

But clearly for her that did not end up the case, since she was talking from experience. Either her partner or her weren’t “satisfied” with the relational ecstasy they were achieving being monogamous.

And isn’t that really always the case?

Like this girl, you’ve convinced yourself of a fantasy.

That now you’ve found “the one,” it will never be the same.

And it’s isn’t.

Right up to the day he cheats on you.

Listen to me girls no matter what you’ve heard or “believe,” the statistics are completely against you. Even if the occasional person achieves monogamous “bliss,” they are astronomically the EXCEPTION.

You’re better off not reaching for the stars.

Better to enjoy love that can be had by “mere mortals.”

Holding out for that “epic love” you want?

You are only going to be disappointed.

What do you think? Is it really likely or even possible that you’ll find “the one” and live in ecstatic relational bliss forever, or are you more likely to become just like this girl as your failed relationship becomes another one of the statistics?

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