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Why Do I Need More Than One Romantic Relationship?

Since I’m always going on about Romantic Friendships?

Suggesting you should be open to them?

Telling you it’s good to have more than one?

What gives?

Even if you live apart together, why do you need more than one relationship? Isn’t it selfish to want to be with more than one person at a time?

If you’re asking this, what that tells me?

You still haven’t heard my message.

If you think you need ANY relationship?

You’re still on the wrong track.

Feeling you need a relationship, means learning to be okay alone is your first order of business. Only when you’re okay in your own skin, can you truly give and share yourself.

Because giving and sharing is what love’s all about.

It isn’t about needing or getting.

Until you don’t NEED anyone else?

You aren’t fully capable of loving.

While I’ve told you there are benefits to having more than one relationship, what I’m really telling you all the time is to just be open to love.

THAT’s what you really need.

To be open to love where you find it.

It’s not about collecting relationships.

It’s about not CLOSING any doors.

Yes it is true if your partner has multiple relationships, that will help you not take them for granted. The two of you should indeed have a healthy distrust in yourselves on this point.

That’s the reason love always fades.

You start to think you OWN it.

Whenever you think your partner is yours?

You shift from appreciation to expectation.

So the real question you should be asking is not, “Why do I need more than one romantic relationship?” The question you should be asking instead is, “Why am I not just open to love?”

When you’re truly open to love?

You embrace it wherever you find it.

You’re always exploring new connections.

Because that’s where love lives.

How about you? Have you been thinking being open to love is somehow selfish, instead of realizing every new opportunity to love, is another chance to share yourself with somebody?

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