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Why Do I Always Fall For Girls Who Want Monogamy?

One of the odder things about my love life?

One my friends are always pondering?

Since I am so obviously a “poly” guy?

Why do I keep falling for girls who want monogamy?

A few of the girls I’ve had a relationship with have been a part of what I affectionately dub my “monogamy girls.” An obvious challenge I face as a result, is they feel the need to “leave me” eventually.

While this isn’t intentional on my part?

I do find these girls constantly attract me.

I’ve checked out the whole polyamory scene.

Usually those girls just come off as weird to me.

Even in the online dating world I’ve had much more success with the girls on Match than I have on OK Cupid. The latter girls once again can be pretty bizarre, but I resonate with the Match girls completely.

I suspect I don’t have to tell you this?

But the girls on Match are not looking for polyamory.

They are very traditional girls looking for “the one.”

And here I come messing with their reality!

But I know the reason why this all is the case, and it is the same reason my friends accuse me of being in the closet about my desire for monogamy. The type of relationship I really love looks very much “like” traditional monogamy.

When I’m with a girl?

I’m totally about her.

I’m about our love.

About our connection.

Although I know this is not a universal thing, most of the poly people I’ve met strike me more as “poly-sexual.” Instead of having their hearts open to love, they want to have sex with lots of people.

That’s not polyamory to me.

That’s just promiscuity.

If that’s your thing then have at it of course.

But what I’m looking for is much deeper.

Deeper is what my monogamy girls want too, though they don’t see they can enjoy that with anybody. But since I don’t require polyamory of them, I’m more than happy to let them love “just me” if they want to.

So why do I love monogamy girls?

Why do I keep ending up in relationships with them?

Because when it comes to love itself?

We are definitely both speaking the same language.

How about you? Do you think that really deep love can only be had with someone who will commit to you, or despite the fact you’re a monogamy girl could you still fall in love with with a polyamorous guy like me?

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