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Why Do I Always Encounter Girls Who Are Reforming?

She was a cute Indian girl I met on OK Cupid.

Lived in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast.

My first trip on the ferries?

I headed out on a Friday afternoon.

She picked me up at the Ferry terminal and we spent a pleasant evening really connecting. Sad to see me go, she drove me back to the ferry to find out we were too late.

Not my style to sleep over after just meeting.

Did anything happen?


As I lay down on her couch she bid me goodnight.

She said, “Lately I’ve been trying to be GOOD.”

Another time it was an attractive Asian girl who I found very cute and sexy. We spent a couple wonderful days checking out Vancouver on her layover here.

We’re at my place connecting again.

She tells me, “I used to think I was a sex addict.”

Did anything happen this time?


“In my current monogamous relationship, I’m trying to BEHAVE myself.”

This next girl was a caucasian girl who I also met through online dating. She seemed to be interested in me because she thought I was an “alpha male.”

With her too though?

She said she was trying not to get sexual quickly.

“Sex is really addicting,” she said.

“Once I start I keep wanting more.”

The last girl I’ll tell you about was someone who I really truly care for. She is another Asian girl with whom I experienced a really intense whirlwind romance.

This girl I WOULD HAVE made love with.

I had really come to know her.


“You’re exactly the type I always fall for,” she said.

“I need to get off the emotional rollercoaster.”

Were I an “out for sex” guy, by now I would definitely be developing a complex. Why do I always encounter the girl when she is trying to REFORM now?

The truth is though?

I was actually happy for them.

Many of you girls need to learn this lesson.

A guy who is really worth it?

He will take his time and wait for it.

How about you? Are you a girl who has always let the guys “sweep you off your feet” in an instant, and are you finally at the place where you’re ready to slow things down?

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