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Why Breasts Make Guys Happy

Yes, I’m really going there.

If you’re squeamish about this sort of discussion, or find the male propensity to obsess over the female form offensive, please feel free to take a pass on this one.

But this is too important a subject for me to neglect being clear about.

So here goes.

Guys love breasts. They make us happy.

We enjoy viewing them. Both when they are fully exposed and when you just sneak us a little peak of cleavage.

And of course we love touching them. Caressing them. Fondling them. And yes…sucking them.

I’m telling the truth right guys?

We just love them. They make us happy.

A study from Germany claims viewing breasts just 10 minutes a day will give a guy the same health benefits as a 30 minute aerobic workout.

I’m not making this stuff up!

Unfortunately that study has been proven to be a hoax.

Sorry guys!

But all is not lost.

Men’s Health claims there are still benefits to men looking at breasts. The benefits are similar to those you get from looking at kittens.

It gives us a “positive mindset.”

In other words…it makes us happy!

And since I’m a guy I’m pretty sure I can say with authority if given the choice between viewing kittens and viewing breasts, most guys would choose…

I rest my case.

Yes girls we love other things about you too, and not just your other body parts.

Though when thinking on this subject I was brought back to something Zig Ziglar said once when someone accused him of thinking money was everything.

His reply was “Money isn’t everything. There’s stocks. Real estate!”

I think you get the point.

We’re guys. Though we’re capable of loving you for your personality and achievements, we will always love everything about your bodies too.

This isn’t going to change. Nature has ensured this.

But while we love other things about you too, your breasts definitely play a special role in our affections for you.

That’s right…affections.

And this may all sound like a bizarre confession coming from someone who professes to be a Christian.

From someone who just a while ago wrote about overcoming his porn addiction.

“Hmmm. Maybe he’s just deluded himself!”

“He even claims to help other Christian guys beat porn addiction too.”

But you know what? The fact this all sounds bizarre to you shows that you just don’t get it.

The goal never was to make guys asexual creatures who don’t notice the obvious.

Creatures who are impervious to your sexual allure.

If that happened the race would be extinct!

And this is about much more than reproduction.

Sexuality takes a much higher form and has a much more important part to play in our lives as human beings.

I have said that romantic love is my purpose. Is your purpose.

And one of the two elements that make up romantic love is sexual fulfillment.

I hope I don’t have to tell you girls that sexual fulfillment involves your bodies.

Yes, yes, your minds and souls too. We know that.

Romantic love includes emotional connection and everything deeper about you.

If either of these things is missing – sexual fulfillment or emotional connection – you’re just using each other. You’re not making love.

But what is it about your breasts?

I can’t say for sure but even the Bible tells men to enjoy them.

And this isn’t just a mysogonistic patriarchal thing.

There is an entire book of erotic poetry in the Old Testament where the girl is the one obsessing.

In the Garden of Eden they were naked and unashamed.

When they sinned it was Adam and Eve who covered themselves up.

God’s response was “Who told you that you were naked?”

Our nakedness isn’t a problem to God.

Yes he replaced their fig leaves with skins.

But that has deeper theological meaning I don’t have time to delve into here.

But as you go forward in the history, the Bible glorifies sex as a highly valuable thing.

It is only when we degrade it that God condemns what we’ve done.

Wow! Bet the way this blog post started you didn’t think we’d end up here eh?

That’s okay. As you can see I’m not a typical Christian on these subjects.

But I still owe you an answer as to why breasts make guys happy.

Since I know many of my readers aren’t Christians, I’ll give you two answers and you can pick the one you prefer.

The first answer is the Christian religious one.

Here it is:

God designed breasts to make us happy. We’re just doing our job enjoying them!

Your job girls is to recognize God designed guys to find you pleasurable in this way and to love guys by letting them enjoy your breasts.

Of course there are a lot of things about guys you naturally love too.

You should enjoy them just the same.

The shame comes when you don’t truly care for and have genuine affection for each other.

Then what is a beautiful thing becomes a source of hurt and wounding.

When a guy is not emotionally connective and is just out for sex, then his love of breasts becomes a hurtful thing.

The same goes for you girls when all you see in a guy is his achievements or his wallet.

Okay what is the nonreligious reason breasts make guys happy?

The answer is this:

Nature made us that way.

Even on this explanation the same job descriptions I described above apply.

So think about this girls the next time you catch one of us taking a quick peek down your top, or doing an all on stare at that lovely cleavage you’re sporting.

This really makes us happy.

And you have a part in producing that result.

What do you think girls? Are you up for making the world a happier place?

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