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Why Am I So Judgmental?

It happened after I published a blog post.

Like I always do when I write, I was pointing out something.

Per my usual?

It was something you girls need to see.

A Facebook commenter on my post was apparently upset with my style of delivery. She thought I was being too judgmental because you girls are children who “just don’t know.”

Nobody teaches you about love.

Or how to be a good partner.

How can I expect you to behave otherwise?

I’m stupid to think you could ever learn.

I guess she thought I should just leave you to it then?

What was most amusing to me was that she thought it was wrong of me to be judgmental. Then she proceed to judge me herself for doing exactly what she was doing now.

Really though?

I know what she meant.

It’s that you girls don’t like DIRECT communication.

Whenever you set out to learn anything?

You want to be “snuck up on” all the time.

Naturally this stems from your inherently emotional natures. Because your feelings are easily hurt you don’t like being told in a way that leaves no doubt.

It’s so amusing.

It is exactly what Roosh V says in his newest book Lady.


The nefarious pickup artist?

He’s written a book for GIRLS!

He says when he began to research this project he read a lot of books aimed at females. He noticed over and over how such books never get to the point.

What did he decide?

Just like me?

He opted for DIRECTNESS.

His reason?

He didn’t think he could help you by “pussy footing” around.

The reason Roosh and I both take this approach is we really LOVE the girls we’re writing to. We want to help you stop getting in your own way so you can be happy at last.

To accomplish that?

You need to understand how guys really look at things.

Guys are direct.

We get to the point.

We see you as mostly silly as well.

I agree with this commenter that you really haven’t been taught about relationships. But when I tell you all these things I think? It has nothing to do with judging you.

I’m just telling it like it is.

Hoping you’ll take things to heart.

Hoping you’ll smack yourself on the head.

Compliments of my direction of course.

If you do?

You will only be the better for it!

What do you think girls? Is my “tough love” approach too much for your emotional sensibilities or do you think you can actually learn something from this “mean,” “judgmental” guy?

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