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Who Cares If She’s Into You?

A lot of you introverted guys?

You’ve got things all wrong.

You’re worried about that girl you’re interested in.

Is she into you or not?

I’ve talked about this before.

There is only one way to find out if a girl is attracted to you, or open to that possibility and that is just to ask her. You do that by approaching her and seeing how she responds.

But let’s suppose she’s not into you.

Is that where the story ends?


Not at all.

Of course it can be easier to just walk away.

Work the numbers.

Live to approach another day (and another girl).

But there is a fundamental problem with letting whether or not a girl is into you initially determine how your love life goes.

She doesn’t even know you.

So how can she really know whether she’s into you are not?

Yes she knows what her first impression is.

Whether she “feels that spark.”

But girls are emotional creatures.

They respond to experiences.

That includes experiences of you.

How she feels can completely change.

You just have to you give her the chance to experience you.

That is why I told you that you need to find a way to let her have a close encounter with you. To get to know who you really are.

Since you have depth?

She cannot really know whether she’s into you or not.

Not until she really takes the time.

Time to get to know you for who you ARE.

It’s your job to encourage her to do that.

In my last post I talked about an encounter I had with a girl who didn’t give me the time of day. For whatever reason she wrote me off and ignored me completely.

Now obviously if she does that?

There’s not much YOU can do.

But even there?

In a social context like that?

There is still hope that you can change this.

Since that girl comes to that meetup fairly regularly?

There might be a chance.

She might just accidentally have an encounter that changes her mind about you entirely. Because the context makes it pretty hard for her to completely ignore you in the long run.

This is why I recommend you check out conversational contexts.

Find groups that meet.

Meetups and such.

Where people get together to talk with each other.

Eventually that girl who isn’t into you will have the chance to actually experience you. When that finally happens the story could change.

Don’t get me wrong though.

I’m not saying to be desparate.

I’m not saying you should keep hoping she’ll see what a great guy you actually are.

That you should put all your eggs in her one basket.

That’s completely the wrong approach.

It’s not gonna serve you well.

What you need to do is recognize the value you bring to the table. Any girl who’ll take the time to truly get to know you is going to recognize this.

If she’s incapable of that?

That’s her problem not yours.

Your train is moving on.

So always be approaching.

Getting to know other girls.

Give a lot of them the chance to see you.

Experience what a great guy you really are.

Part of what will attract her finally, is the recognition you don’t need her and are someone lots of other girls want to get to know too.

That comes from valuing yourself.

Recognizing your strengths.

Expecting girls to see that.

Over time.

You just put yourself out there.

So the ones who can?


What do you say guys? Ready to quit worrying about whether she’s into you and start giving her the chance to get there, while you continue to get to know other girls too?

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  1. David W

    Another way to get that girl (from the meeting) is to show up with a better looking girl than her, who shows her interest in you. This tactic is powerful, and it works. You need a ‘wing person’ – not a wing man.

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