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Where The Cowgirls Are

Cool Girl and I usually meet up for an over nighter at my place.

Her work schedule makes it impractical otherwise.

She has a pretty long commute.

She never complains about it but I’m more than happy to have her spend the night, so we can take it easy and just relax.

After work she arrives quite late.

Usually between 6 or 7.

Hungry little camper by then.

So we usually catch a quick bite out.

Somewhere sexy like White Spot right?

That’s another cool thing about Cool Girl. She just doesn’t care about being wined and dined.

She’s practical to the hilt.

She figures there are better ways.

Other things we can do with our time.

Isn’t this the place where those Monty Python guys say,

“Nudge nudge. Say no more. Know what I mean?”

Well the other night we decided to try something new on for size for our evening eat out restaurant fare.

I live right near the Yale Saloon.

Recently renovated.

But I’d never really checked it out.

So on Friday night Cool Girl and I moseyed on down.

Decided to check out where the cowgirls are.

Friday night is cowgirl night.

At least according to the sidewalk plackard.

We were not dissappointed, as a girl in blue jeans, a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat set us up at a table built for two.

Okay actually built for four.

But we shared the bench seat together.

Sitting side by side.


Not so we could fool around.

Cool Girl is not one of those heavy duty PDA types, with all that fawning over you or kissing you or any of that girly stuff.

Not because she never does girlie though.

She just doesn’t put on a public show.

It’s fun being with a girl like this.

People would never guess what goes on behind closed doors.

[Cue Monty Python again…or at least that old country song!]

A cute little waitress who was a whiff of a thing, took our order and took care of us right.

Cool Girl said,

“If a strong wind blew through here?”

“THAT cowgirl would definitely be gone!”

Then I said, 

“The place reminds me of Montana’s a bit.”

“The girls are cute but the country attire hides it.”

Cool Girl immediately said, “Well I think our waitress is pretty attractive don’t you?” I admitted she was right.

Then I pointed out the girl even had a denim skirt on.

Instead of the usual blue jeans.

Cool Girl corrected me.

“That isn’t a skirt. This cowgirl is wearing short shorts!”

I looked again.

Admitted she was right.

I guess you can tell I don’t spend a lot of time checking out the waitresses, when I’m out with Cool Girl.

Don’t get me wrong.

I NOTICE the girls.

I’m a red blooded boy for sure.

Cool Girl knows this all too well.

But when I’m with her?

I’m focused on her.

Everything that we’re talking about.

Later in the weekend as we were finishing up she said,

“And you even got some cowgirls this time around.”

Cool Girl is always more than happy to oblige.

She knows that cowgirls and cool girls can’t really be compared. They are just two wonderful things that life has to share.

And share we do.

In SO many ways.

So easy.

So simple.

I wish for you what I enjoy with her.

That you can find a cool girl too!

What do you think boys? Time to mosey on over to where the cool girls are and get you one of those purdy little things too?

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