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Where Did Prince Charming Go?

“Can’t you find something to do with yourself?”


Can you believe it?

I literally said this to her.

We had married a few short weeks before and she was just reaching out wanting to connect and do something with me..

It was a reasonable expectation.

Wasn’t it?

I mean we always did things before we married.

Why should she expect anything different now?

What had changed?

What changed is that the goal to “find her” was now accomplished. I had achieved getting my “princess” in my life so I had checked that off my list.

I remember when I did it too.

It is still vivid in my memory.

I breathed a literal sigh of relief and said to myself,

“There! That’s DONE.

“I finally have a ‘someone’ now so I can relax and be content about it. I can go and complete all the other things I have to do.”

So there she was.




What had happened to the wonderful guy who married her?

The guy she told all her friends was her “dream come true” had now turned into a nightmare. Here she was committed to him and he was already GONE from her.

Are you feeling desperate like this too?

As if somebody hid the fine print from you?

You love this guy.

You thought he loved you.

But now?

You’re just not sure.

What you are experiencing is a very cruel aspect of the Battle of the Sexes. Because nature has wired him to provide for you? Once he’s got you he thinks that’s what he’s now supposed to do.

The problem is?

Guys are focused.

We don’t multitask like you do.

We “do love” while we’re winning your heart.

Then we shift to “taking care of you.”

This is why I work with couples just like you to help you understand each other. Help you comprehend your differences so you can meet each other in the MIDDLE somewhere.

Have I described the two of you here?

Do you wonder what to do about it?

Feel like your relationship is over?

Don’t give up hope!

Reach out to me right NOW and let me help you!

How about you? Did you wake up one morning and roll over to kiss your prince and wonder where that frog came from and would like some help getting Prince Charming back again?

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