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When She Feels Loved She’ll Give Herself To You (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series When She Feels Loved She’ll Give Herself To You

A lot of you guys have a lot to learn.

Learn about what?

How to have SEX with girls.

If she’s not performing like a porn star for you?

You think something is wrong.

I just read a great article called Porn Makes Men Terrible In Bed. In it author Emma Lindsay says your consumption of porn has made you a terrible lover and I have to agree with her.

Since porn has been your education so far?

You haven’t got a clue what gives girls pleasure.

Since your focus is on your own desire?

Girls have just learned to act like they want what you want too.

The truth of the matter is a girl’s sexual desire functions entirely different than yours does. You may be good at getting girls into bed, but if you don’t understand this difference you’re a sexual loser.

In one sense I’m really glad.

While I was porn addicted I was also a sexual avoider.

This saved me a lot of doing things wrong.

Once I overcame porn, I was able to became a good lover.

By the time I was starting to truly be intimate with girls, I was no longer a dopamine chaser. Instead, what I learned to take pleasure in is the girl I’m with experiencing pleasure herself.

I learned to observe what her body desires.

I learned to play it like an instrument.

I learned to take all my sexual cues from her.

To my surprise, this also increased my own sexual pleasure as well!

Now I can make love with a girl for hours, where I used to be a one minute wonder. I’ve learned to just be present with her, and remove “the goal” from the picture.

The other thing I learned about female desire?

It’s not about techniques or positions.

Those are all fine but the real aphrodisiac?

It’s when a girl knows that you truly love her.

If you are in what you’d call a sexless relationship, you should really be paying attention. While I’ve told the girls that yes it is all about sex, you also need to realize it is all about loving her.

If you’re not giving emotional connection to her?

You have no right to expect her to desire being sexual.

When you truly connect with her in that way?

You won’t be able to keep her off you!

How about it guys? Are you going to keep complaining that your partner doesn’t want sex with you, or are you going to realize her desire for you is a function of your love for her?

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