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When It Comes To Love Girls Are Superficial

What do you want in a guy?

What makes you interested in him?

When you make that list of yours?

What does it consist of?

I daresay if I looked at your list of qualities you desire in a guy? The last thing I would find on it, is that he has a good character that makes him a great person to be around.

“Wait!” you say.

“You’re wrong Kel!”

“I want a guy who is going somewhere.”

“He knows what he wants.”

“He’s out to achieve, and is a leader among his peers.”

“If that list doesn’t show character?”

“I don’t know what does!”

The hardest thing for you girls to do, is recognize the impact of your biology. You can see how superficial all of this is, if you stop and think about what real love requires.

Love is the desire for sexual fulfillment.

So what if a guy isn’t going anywhere?

Does that prevent you from enjoying this with him?

What about emotional connection?

Does he need to be a leader to share that with you?

Won’t all his pursuits actually cause him to NEGLECT you instead?

Why exactly do you think you need a guy to exemplify all these “great” characteristics? Why if he lacks them, do you feel there isn’t any “chemistry?”

Have you ever thought about that?

REALLY thought about it?

Of course not!

You don’t think THOUGHT has anything to do with love.

Love is all about how you FEEL.

And if he lacks all this, you just aren’t “feeling it.”

What I’m going to say next is the same thing I always tell the guys on this subject. When I talk to them though, it is a different set of superficial qualities they seek.

In their case?

They want you to be hot!

The only thing on their list?


Their biology says “Spread your seed.”

Most guys are happy to comply!

I tell the guys all the time, they have to be smarter than their DNA here. Sexual fulfillment is not “just sex,” and they need to learn to seek something deeper with you.

Same goes for you.

Why you want “Mr Achiever?”

Your biology says, “Find your kids’ provider.”

After you receive his seed?

You need him to protect.

Though only for a while mind you.

Just like I always tell the guys? You girls need to be smarter than your DNA too. Your desire for emotional connection will never be met, if your guy’s focus is on achievement.

What kind of guy SHOULD you seek?

A guy who really cares about you.

He prioritizes your time together, and enjoys talking with you.

He isn’t all about getting sex, but truly wants to make love with you.

Find a guy like THAT?

You have found yourself a keeper.

Trust me.

You won’t be disappointed with him.

What do you think? Have you been prioritizing all the wrong things, and ending up without the love you’re seeking, and if so, isn’t time to change your priorities more than just a bit?

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