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Whatever You Do Share Your Heart!

Last night I had an enjoyable experience.

I shared my heart with someone lovely.

She’s a girl I met many years ago.

I thought she was lovely back then also.

At that time of course I was still in my long term relationship and being a person of integrity, I naturally would never have “made a move” on her.

This girl was married too.

She still is as far as I understand.

We became Facebook friends at that earlier time.

We’ve interacted through comments off and on since then.

But last night she posted a post from an “app” you can use on Facebook. The result is the app will show you what you would look like as a doll.

When I saw this, my instant thought?

“I thought you were a doll already!”

The affection I felt for her long ago?

It came up like a rush in me.

As I told you before it doesn’t matter what a girl’s relationship status is, I think you should tell her. So I took that thought with all the emotion it brought up in me, and just shared with her my honest feelings.

Her reply was quite humorous.

She was all laughs and giggles.

“Smooth Mr Good! Smooth!”

Then she made a recommendation to me.

“Can you write an article on how a man’s dialogue can affect and effect how a menopausal woman will respond at any given moment?”

When I read her reply I thought to myself?

“I think she got the message.”

Despite the laughs and giggles?

I hope she heard how special I think she really is.

And despite the fact I know that there can be extenuating circumstances with girls who are married? Unless she let’s me know that’s the case with her, I’ll have to leave my expression of affection at this.

But one thing I can say without hesitation?

I’m glad I made that comment.

Even in this smallest way?

I enjoyed sharing my heart with her.

How about you? Do you have a girl from your past that you still hold real desire for, and if you were given the chance like this would you be sure to tell her?

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