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Whatever You Do Don’t Allow Yourself To Fall In Love

A common theme in my life these days?

It is the WALLS you girls are always erecting.

Because you’ve been hurt so many times?

You’re too afraid to let love in.

I had a wonderful 3 month relationship recently with a girl who I really believed was also connecting. But when the rubber met the road, once again she was actually shutting our love out.

Despite doing lots of things with me?

Things I would only do with a lover?

Though she was able to participate too?

She was also able to repress any feelings she felt.

In her case it was a combination of being hurt in the past and also wanting monogamy. Because she wanted monogamy our love just wasn’t “realistic” so she said.

But this is just one example.

I could share with you a hundred others.

Deciding in 20 seconds there’s no “spark.”

Making age “a thing.”

It doesn’t really matter what you substitute in there, the reality is always consistent. Instead of keeping yourselves open to love, you’re always keeping yourselves shut up tight.

Or should that be “uptight?”

Because that is how you’re always seeming.

In one way or another, most of you girls?

You just can’t bring yourselves to open up.

Instead of just going with the flow, and seeing where the river of love will take you? You lock yourselves up in your castles of fear, thinking that will guard your hearts.

But what you’re REALLY doing?

You’re preventing love from finding you.

Love is not found in fortresses.

It is found out in the open fields.

Since I spent a good part of my life suppressing my own feelings of love, I can definitely empathize with you. But now that I’ve been set free from my castle, I will never lock my heart up again.

This is why from now on?

I will always enjoy Romantic Friendships.

With as many of you girls who will let me in?

I will happily enjoy romantic love with you.

How about you? Will you continue to guard your heart in your fortress, hoping you will never ever be hurt again, or will you join me outside the walls, so love can find you too?

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