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What To Do When A Guy Isn’t “In His Body”

I spend a lot of time in Facebook groups.

Everything from new age to pickup artist.

One thing I find very amusing as a guy?

All the ways you girls look at your relationship with us.

One of my more “enlightened” new age Facebook friends recently posted this question: “Women: Can you feel when a man is not completely in his body (or only certain parts of his body), and how does that feel to you?”

As I’m sure you might expect?

This opened up the floodgate of responses.

With the exclusion of one sweet gal who said, “Say what?”

Every other girl was ready to confirm this affirmation.

But per usual, each girl’s description of what she meant by this esoteric statement was different. And true to form, when the dust cleared she gave you very little insight as to what she thinks is wrong with you.

One said it was about not “feeling safe.”

Another that you’re “not in your heart” and “blocking life flow.”

Yet another said you feel “on the alert.”

So she can’t, “Open up on all levels” with you.

Thankfully one girl while agreeing in part admitted, “But I think it’s important to know when you’re being intuitive and when you’re projecting or feeling insecure.”

Did she offer a suggestion how her sisters could KNOW that?


I’m sure her answer would just be more feelings though.

“Consistency in his actions shows his commitment to his heart.”

“Wavering creates uncertainty that shows up within him.”

Are you getting as confused as I was here, in trying to make head nor tail of all this nonsense? If you’re a normal guy, I’m sure you’ve gained zero insight as to what you should be doing differently.

As I joked to a friend of mine?

“Truth be told girls, your guy would rather be inside YOUR body!”

Of course, I’m sure that’s really the point

She feels like you’re only “out for sex” with her.

Really girls if that’s what you mean, why don’t you just come out and say it? Dressing it up in all this new age “mumbo jumbo” isn’t doing anything to help your case with us.

Tell him he’s not connecting with you.

He’s dull, but eventually he’ll understand that.

Keep talking to him in “new age” code?

Your message is never going to get through to him.

What do you say girls? Does this have anything at all to do with a guy not “being in his body,” or is it just that you’d like him to be truly present when he makes love to you?

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