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What To Do If You See A Ghost

The topic of ghosting?

It’s a hot one right now.

Everybody is talking about it.

Wondering what to do.

You go out on a date with him and everything seems fine and you’re waiting for him to message you. You wait and wait and then you realise that message is never going to come.

He’s ghosted you.

Disappeared in the night.

After one date.

Sometimes many.

Everything seemed to go so good.

Why did he disappear on you?

You may think ghosting is all about dating but the truth is it happens in relationships. When your partner decides it’s time to break up suddenly apparently you’re just through.

No communication.


She just evaporates on you.

Even after you’ve connected for years?


She just blocks you one day and that’s it.

I wish I could give you an easy solution to prevent this hurtful phenomenon. I would love nothing more than to be able to guarantee it will never happen to you.


It’s not about you.

It is totally their problem.

When someone can’t adult their dating or relationship life?

You’re dealing with a hurt child.

If you’re only dating when this happens to you consider yourself lucky. Sure it would be nice if he would just say “I don’t think we’re a fit” but many guys don’t think your limited interactions require that.

What should you do when you’re in a relationship though?

Should you chase them?

Tough call.

I’ve tried it both ways.

My current belief is just let them go.

Loving with an open hand means not having expectations. Your partner has no obligation to be with you, so if they no longer want to respect that for them.

Naturally if you did something wrong?

That is a reason to seek communication.

Otherwise let them go and see what they do.

My experience is if it’s “meant to be?”

They will come back eventually.

What do you think? Can you accept the fact that when you love with an open hand sometimes that bird will fly away?

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