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What She Doesn’t Know

When I try to talk with a younger girl?

I know what she thinks.

“Hmmm. He seems a bit older.”

“I was really hoping for that young guy over there.”

“The one with the tight abs and big biceps.”

But she still gives me a double take, because I do know how to present myself. I’m dressed alright, and the way I approach her does convey confidence.

What she doesn’t know?

I come by this naturally now.

Because I’m older?

I’m not just pretending.

The kid with the abs?

He’s still insecure.

Why do you think he feels the need to work out like that?

If you’re an older guy you need to understand this, because it will make all the difference in the results you experience. Yes, you need to establish your value to her, but all you need is to be YOU to do that.

What she doesn’t know?

You’re not a snotty nosed kid anymore.


Because you have life experience.

There is only one way that kid can come across that.

He has to get out there.

Pay his dues like YOU have.

Long ago, a pickup artist author I like, removed the veil from my eyes so I could see this. He said his main competition wasn’t guys who are young, but guys who are much older.

What she doesn’t know?

Once she’s with that kid?

He also doesn’t know how to connect with her.

He hasn’t lived long enough.

Had to learn what a girl wants.

He doesn’t know how to make her feel secure with him.

Because you are much older, you’ve likely had a few relationships. You’ve lived with some girls, and dealt with their emotions a few times, and come out the other side stronger.

What she doesn’t know?

That kid can’t make love to her.

He’s still too busy being led by his hormones.

What does he still thinks she wants?

For him to give her a whole bunch of orgasms.

But once you’re older you understand, that orgasms aren’t going to keep a girl happy. She needs to know that she’s loved by you. Only then does she sexually flourish.

What she doesn’t know?

That kid will hurt her many times.

But you can help her pick up the pieces.

Show her what love is really all about.

By giving her the experience of a seasoned lover.

What do you think now? Is being an older guy really a disadvantage when it comes to winning her heart, and getting her to forget that young punk, or are you equipped with everything you need, to show her the best time she’s had ever?

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