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What Nice Guys Can Learn From Bad Boys

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Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing wrong with being a nice guy.

Nice guys DON’T finish last.

And while bad boys may land “just sex” from haughty and insecure girls.

Sweet girls are looking for more than that.

They want nice guys who care about them.

Who aren’t just looking to get in their pants.

So the great thing is if you are already a nice guy, you are well on your way to “getting the girl.” You just need to calibrate a few more things and you will be happily on your way.

That said I want to show you today what you CAN learn from the bad boys.

Because rooted in their attractiveness is something that is GOOD.

Something that is WHOLESOME.

Something even GOOD GIRLS like.

Because when you really analyse the bad boy?

He’s just a nice guy GONE WRONG.

He’s taken nice guy qualities.

But developed them to an unhealthy EXTREME.

Once you understand that as a nice guy you can be everything the bad boy is and more, your success in finding that great girl you desire will totally tip the scales.

You’ll have the sweet girls LINING UP.

Even the hotties will begin to TAKE NOTE.

Because what every girl wants.

In her heart of hearts.

Is what you ALREADY HAVE.

She wants a nice guy who will VALUE HER for who she is.

While valuing HIMSELF as well.

What she really wants is a nice guy, with just a touch of what the bad boys display.

The revelation of this significant truth came to me while I was reading Troy Francis’ excellent book called How To Be An Assh*le: That Beautiful Women Love.

Of course Troy isn’t showing you how to be a nice guy.

He’s a pickup artist who wants you to “get laid” by hotties.

So his guidance pushes things to the extreme.

He’s telling you how to BE a bad boy.

With all that this entails.

But buried in the qualities that the “asshole” types display, is the germ of very solid nice guy traits you should definitely seek to cultivate. Because they are solid HUMAN qualities that will totally enhance your life.

What are the qualities Troy recommends?

They are the “dark tetrad” traits of Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, and Sadism.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Kel, how on earth could you ever recommend nice guys become more like this?”

“Aren’t these traits the complete antithesis of what you always recommend?”

If you’ve been around here any time at all, you know that’s not where I’m headed.

What you need to recognize though is that all of these traits are simply good traits – nice guy traits – taken to the extreme. Once you dial them back to their positive quality states, they are things that every nice guy should definitely seek to emulate.

I don’t have space in this post to get into all of these right now.

They each deserve a blog post of their own.

Over the next posts in this series I’ll do just that.

I’ll look at them one by one.

What you’ll see when I’m finally done, is that as a nice guy you can INDEED finish first.

And if you’re a girl?

You’ll see you really DO want a nice guy.

Even if you find yourself falling for bad boys all the time.

What do you think so far? Am I totally off my rocker here or do you think I might be onto something?

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