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What Nice Guys Can Learn From Bad Boys (Part 6)

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series What Nice Guys Can Learn From Bad Boys

Okay this one was just too rich.

I had to share it with you!

Even though I feel happy with this series?

This supplemental needs to be shown.

What has me so amused that I decided to mess with perfection? I covered the dark tetrad characteristics already so what more could be left to be said?

No new information.

Just some amazing confirming evidence.

And right from the horse’s mouth too.

From Troy Francis himself.

You might remember from this series’ previous installments (Part 12345) that Troy is the author of How To Be An Assh*le: That Beautiful Women Love. His book formed the basis of what I’ve written so far on this theme.

The difference between Troy and me?

Troy thinks being a bad boy should be your target.

Even if you don’t quite become the Asshole?

The closer you come to it?

The more successful you’ll be.

Of course I took the opposite track claiming that the bad boy is copying the Nice Guy. All the dark tetrad traits are just nice guy traits taken to extreme.

So what has Troy recently said?

In a real sense he now agrees with me.

He did some in field video of himself.

Guess what he realized?

When he saw the way he approaches girls on the street he realized he was actually pretty charming. In being himself and doing his thing he wasn’t JUST being a bad boy at all.

He now says to attract beautiful girls?

You should mix Nice Guy with Bad Boy. (link no longer available)

Troy admits if you come off too bad?

You’re likely to turn girls off of you.

He says instead be authentically yourself.

Emanate warmth.

It will get you a better reception.

True to form Troy still says if you have difficulties with this you should definitely veer toward the asshole side. But girls are drawn to positive energy like anyone else, so if you come off too DARK you’ll just scare them away.

Troy and I come at this from opposite directions.

He says you should be a “nice Bad Boy.”

I say you should be a “Nice Guy with an EDGE.”

Sixes of one and half a dozen of the other.

The clear point is you want a combination.

Just like I’ve said in this series?

When you learn the real power you have as a Nice Guy?

You’ll beat that Bad Boy any day!

So what do you say? Could you ask for any more evidence that as a Nice Guy you really CAN get the girl?

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