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What Kind Of Friendship Are Romantic Friendships?

I read an interesting article on friendship.

It was simple yet deep.

Not surprisingly?

It was based on the writings of Aristotle.

As I read about the 3 types of friendship the famous philosopher saw, I found myself musing about how he would categorize Romantic Friendships.

Aristotle believed without friendship?

Life just wouldn’t be worth living.

Even if you possessed all other goods?

Without friends?

You would choose to end it all.

Of course when I read this, what came to mind is how I see romantic love as my purpose. Like Aristotle said, I’ve come to believe without this, life is really pointless.

So what are the three types of friendship?

The first and lowest type?

It is friendship of utility.

The reason you associate with these kinds of friends?

You both experience some mutual benefit.

Romantic Friendships aren’t just about that. As I tell you all the time, if you’re only together for what you can “get,” you’re just using each other.

The second type of friendship?

It is friendship of pleasure.


I think we’re getting warmer.

But do you only enjoy each other’s company?

There is definitely an element of pleasure to Romantic Friendships. They are very much about enjoying each other, and experiencing positive feelings.

But I think they include more than this.

Aristotle’s third type?

It is friendships of virtue.

What is that?

You don’t love just for what you “get.”

What you feel.

You love each other’s character.

With this type of friendship you mutually admire and respect each other, and may even pursue common aims together. You inspire one another and tackle things that make you more and more appreciate one another.

Romantic Friendships are a lot like that.

As I’ve always said?

The central aspect of romantic love?

It is VALUING your partner.

I wasn’t surprised then when I read on, to learn that Aristotle believed friendships of virtue included all the elements of the other two types of friendship.

They create a connection.

One that lasts over time.

It creates something larger than you both.

Even something “eternal.”

Sounds like Romantic Friendships to me.

Doesn’t it kinda make you want to try them?

How about you? Could you see yourself having friends in your life who are lovers as well, because you value them and want to share yourself with them?

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