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What It Means When A Girl Says This

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“I’ve met someone,” she said to me.

Boy did that bring back memories!

The last time I heard a girl use this phrase?

It was after spending 2 crazy days with me.

She had made her way to Vancouver to visit me right after she broke off from another relationship. On her way to me she was thinking to herself, “How do I get him to come home with me?”

Thankfully for both of us?

Those 2 days were a real eye opener.

Though at times we really connected well?

Other times it was very frustrating!

When I wrote about the experience in my journal I described our time as a microcosm of a love addict/love avoidant relationship. The emotional roller coaster ups and downs we experienced those 2 days were very intense.

Back then I wasn’t solid yet.

Hadn’t settled into Romantic Friendships.

I’m so glad now I didn’t “take the plunge.”

It would have been disastrous.

But two weeks after being with me suddenly this girl sent me the fateful text message. Apparently that little love addict heart of hers was not wasting any time.

“I’ve met someone,” she said to me.

I responded, “You know you’re crazy.”

“Well I don’t do alone you know.”

I answered, “Apparently.”

I wish I could tell you her new marriage worked out, but within about a year she was divorcing. The nightmare experience she shared with me broke my heart as I listened to the tale.

So here I am today with yet another sweetheart.

Right after she “swears off guys” forever?

Suddenly she sends me this simple message.

“I’ve met someone,” it says.

Given what I’ve told you above, I suspect it won’t surprise you that I’m not feeling excited for her. I love this little love addict no less than the first girl I described above, but I also understand what’s happening.

If you are a girl who relationship jumps like this?

If there’s rarely been a time you’re not in one?

Before you take your next plunge look me up.

You will definitely benefit from a chat with me.

How about you? Are you a girl like I’m describing here who can’t handle not being in a relationship, and would you like to finally be free to take your time before jumping back in and being disappointed yet again?

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