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What If You Just Embrace Love?

What if you weren’t worried if he’ll stick around?

What if that didn’t matter?

What if instead of that?

What mattered was he is really INTO you?

What if instead of trying to find someone you could be happy with forever, you just opened up your heart to be happy with him right now?

What if you finally realized?

You don’t need him to take care of you.

What if you finally saw?

You can make it on your own.

How would it free you to open your heart to love, if that was all that mattered? How would it release you, not to feel like you need to have him as your own?

Wouldn’t it actually be a relief?

No guy you have to mother?

Instead, just a luscious guy to enjoy!

And nothing else.

Wouldn’t it be freeing to just let yourself go, and finally enjoy love without the baggage? Let yourself bask in the experience of sharing yourself with him?

Having him do the same?

No requirements.

No expectations.

You love him.

He loves you.

And that’s enough.

Then you would finally be free, to pursue love with whoever you find it. Being open to love with one guy, doesn’t mean you have to forsake all the rest.

Come on.

Admit it!

There are a lot of great guys out there!

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy them all?

Share your heart with everyone?

This is the vision I present to you, in the form of Romantic Friendships. Real individual friendships, that include the experience of romantic love that is totally wonderful!

Once you catch this vision?

You’ll wonder what you were thinking?

Why didn’t you see this before?

It’s so obvious how rich love can be!

How about you? Wouldn’t you love to free your heart to embrace love where you find it, and finally experience all the love that was meant for you?

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