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What If Her Overweight Body Disgusts You?

This one is a tough one.

I know you girls think the guys have the problem.

The size of your body?

What does that have to do with anything?

To give you a little translation here, imagine your guy becomes UNEMPLOYED now. He expects you to be okay with that, because you should just “love him for him.”

Oh that’s totally different right?

Well yes.


It IS.

The reason it is totally different is because he’s a guy and you’re a girl, and you both find each other attractive for different reasons. You just think yours are more noble than his.

In a Facebook group recently?

A guy asked this very question.

A girl suggested reading Byron Katie.

Particularly her book Loving What Is.

This girl said, “Your girl doesn’t think she has a problem. You do. You can’t change her, you can only change yourself.”

A couple of the guys disagreed.

“Gently steer her toward self-help.”

Another said, “Ignore your therapist.”

“Guys are visual and she needs to respect that.”

One guy came out with it straight and said, “I think you should DIVORCE her. You will be better off without her and she will be better off without you.”


I’m all about being smarter than your DNA.

But I’m also about being realistic.

Baseline attraction will always have an impact.

Only you can finally decide in this type of situation what is best for you. You have no right to expect anything of her, but she also has no right to expect anything of YOU.

Because of what I know though?

My gut says parting ways may be the answer.

Unless you can come to desire her like this?

She’s not going to feel loved by you.

What do you think? Is it a shallow world where this kind of thing really matters, or is it simply reality that you ignore at your relationship peril?

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