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What I Know About You If You Are A Girl

Call me psychic if you want.

Clairvoyant even.

Or if you prefer, just plain intuitive.


So maybe you think I’m just plain psycho!

Whatever the case.

If you’re a girl between the ages of about 25-65, I know something about you.

Are you ready for my insight?

Here it is…

No matter how much you insist and claim to be looking for love, you’re not really looking for love at all. You have deluded yourself that this is your quest and are completely off track in your direction.

“I do want love!” you insist.


You don’t.

How can I claim this you ask?

Because I’ve listened to you and watched you.

Lots of you.

Over and over again.

I’ve dated over 50+ girls since I came to Vancouver at the end of 2014. I have yet to meet a girl who says she wants love in her life who demonstrates this by her actions.

Yes that means you too.

You are looking for lots of things.

But true love is not one of them.

Okay that’s not quite fair.

Probably you would like love in your life.

But you always want something else more.

I’ve talked many times about this very sad phenomenon. How you go after everything else and then wonder why love evades you.

How could it help but evade you?

You simply don’t prioritize it.

To some extent I understand this with you “30 something” girls.

Nature has blessed (or cursed?) you with a definite biological clock.

It has wired you to want to kick out a couple babies.

Nature’s assignment is for you to get this done.

Sometime before your life on earth is through.

If you don’t pull off starting a family by the time you are in your LATE 30s? Your chances of being a mother diminishes after that.

But of course as I’ve pointed out before, having babies isn’t about love.

Nature tricks you into thinking it is.

Having babies is only about carrying on the race.

Those cute little critters you want so much?

They are actually brutal on your connection with your partner.

They are a key part of nature’s relationship recycling plan.

It really breaks my heart though, when I meet a girl who is already in her 40s and she hasn’t figured out yet that love is not about all the things her biology has told her it is.

I went to a meetup just last night.

I watched such a girl in action.

She’s newly on the dating scene.

And frustrated about getting ghosted.

She’s gone out with a couple guys for eight or ten dates.

Then suddenly they disappeared.

Despite all this she’s still determined to find someone to follow the traditional “live with you forever” plan and tries to make her online dating efficient by setting up a three hour interview.

Good grief!

I’m surprised she’s had any dates at all.

I’m not making this up.

She has all sorts of “deal breakers” she needs to confirm.

As well as clear his ability to chat.

He needs to pass all this so she doesn’t “waste her time” meeting with him in person.

It is seldom I’ve encountered such an extreme list making girl.

From someone who so doesn’t need to.

Why on earth when you’re at that point of life must you STILL insist on cohabitation and monogamy? You’re not creating a family. You have established yourself in life. Why can’t you FINALLY just go for love?


Ever the wishful thinker I.

Gorgeous girl too.

I would connect with her in a minute if she wasn’t all baggage and criteria still.

That’s what I mean about not wanting love.

She doesn’t need any of her criteria anymore.

But there she is.

Still fooling herself what she’s really wanting is love.

She still wants everything else instead.

Nature is a cruel task master!

It was refreshing however to meet another girl at this meetup with a slightly better perspective. She already had a marriage that didn’t work out but was pleased she doesn’t have to “go there” again.

She moved here from the Philippines.

She was ostracized there when her marriage came to an end.

When she came to North America where many of us never marry?

Where it is socially acceptable not to?

“What a relief!” she thought.

I didn’t have time to find out for sure though whether she’s completely shed the “marriage coil” mindset.

But she is definitely the exception to the rule when it comes to how you girls take on this love thing. You are your own worst enemies chasing love away by your desparate attempts to trap it.

So that’s what I know about you if you’re a girl.

You don’t REALLY want real love.

Because real love is very simple.

It’s just a desire.

The desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

The first girl I mentioned actually nodded at this definition.

While keeping a straight face, I knew her cause was hopeless.

Guys, you’re really just searching for the few.

The few precious souls in the female population.

The few who REALLY.



How about you? Do you really want love or like the highest percentage of your sisters would you rather just keep pretending you do?

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