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What Happens In Vegas (Part 2)

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I had a funny experience this week.

A girl friend was over to my apartment.

She and I were working on some business stuff.

Not THAT kind of business guys!

We spent a good hour or so working on some spreadsheets, while not spreading the sheets together. She wanted help figuring out the best way to keep her budding business organized.

Although we’re not romantic friends?

We did meet back when I was dating.

A few years ago we met on Match.

At first she wasn’t at all interested.

I still remember with affection the night I was chatting and kidding around with her. She finally said, “You know you and I probably should meet up here.”

Her attraction for me?

It didn’t ultimately click.

Instead she became one of my three friend zoners.

But as you can see there is nothing wrong with “just friends.”

At least not if that is something you are wanting.

Through the past few years we’ve enjoyed our non-romantic connection. We’ve kept each other up to speed on where our relationship lives are at.

This time it had been a while.

After the business stuff was over?

We sat down for a quick catch up.

We planned a more extensive one soon also.

Suddenly while we were sitting on my sofa, she totally burst out laughing. When I asked her what was up, she pointed to the Fantasy calendar on my wall.

I laughed and told her I forgot it was there.

Otherwise I might have hid it for her.

Not because I care if a girl sees something like that.

But I don’t want to unnecessarily offend anyone.

The reason I forgot it was there is the same reason I told you in Part 1 of this series. Though I still enjoy porn and the female form, I’m just not hung up on it anymore.

This calendar was a gift from Cool Girl.

Because of our trip to Vegas.

Cool Girl encouraged me to buy calendars on sale at the time.

She has kept me current since then!

How about you? Are you comfortable enough with your sexuality that you would forget you even had this calendar, or are you still obsessed with sex because you lack true self-control, making it all a big deal to you?

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