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What Ever Happened To Chivalry?

One word girls.



You did it to yourselves.

Now I know you didn’t personally do it.

And you might actually resent those who did.

But there is no going back.

You cannot have things both ways.

Chivalry is from an age when girls were helpless things that genuinely needed saving.

To insist on the behaviors from those days now?

That’s completely unreasonable.

I’ve discussed before the most obvious of these chivalrous desires.

But this goes far beyond who pays for a date.

It is about so much more as well.

This has to do with why you as a female should be treated as more valuable than a male in the first place.

I think society has its answer.

You bear children.

For each female who can bear a child a hundred billion guys can come up with the needed seed.

So guys are a dime a dozen as far as reproduction goes.

Your womb is precious.

Society does not go on if new citizens are not birthed.

So society will always consider you more valuable.

Expect guys to go to war to die for you.

Put you and your children ahead of themselves.

What does any of this have to do with your equal personhood?

What about that makes you someone who should have doors opened for you?

Or be allowed to go first?

Or be otherwise deferred to?

I can’t really think of any good reason for that to be the case. Can you?

Not now feminism has bought you your vote and your career and your other ascendencies.

A guy’s author I read once said if he is on a bus and there is only one empty seat he will sit down, even if there is a girl there who might want it. If she complains he offers for her to sit on his lap!

You see you’ve just been socialized to believe you’re a privileged gender.

That a guy who doesn’t revere you has somehow missed the memo.

But that is all just a fairytale.

Of course I know the fairytales are where you got the idea in the first place.

As a little girl you were taught you are so special that you should be treated like a princess.

Now don’t misunderstand me.

I’m not saying you deserve disrespect. You definitely deserve the same amount of respect any guy deserves.

Because remember feminism was about equality right?

This recent trend of hostility toward guys wasn’t the original conception.

It was only when the actual goals of feminism were achieved, that the extremists started lobbying for the rest.

But once we recognize we are all equal?

Chivalry must go.

Hey, I like opening the door for girls.

I even like paying sometimes.

But I enjoy being paid for too.

And if you want to open the door for me I’m not going to refuse it.

When it comes to a relationship with a girl, what I’m seeking is someone who values me the way I value her.

Someone who shares my desire for sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

That’s what real romantic love looks like.

So if you want love in today’s day and age?

You need to let go of that little desire in your heart for chivalry.

Just find a partner who loves you and then love him back!

What do you say? Since chivalry is dead isn’t it time to replace it with mutual love and respect instead?

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