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What Do You Like To Do?

He and I catch up regularly.

Chat about all things relationships.

What has happened since our last connect?

That sort of thing.

It had not been too long this time since our previous get together, so we caught up pretty quickly. This gave us time to reminisce.

A few years back?

Both he and I did a lot of online dating.

We used to swap horror stories frequently.

Now it is just fun to think back on all of it.

One really humorous story he told was actually a repeat experience for him. When he was out on a first date with girls, they would try to interview him.

You know the drill right?

Subject a guy to 30 questions?

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“What do you want long term in a relationship?”

But the funniest question of all of course, was the one he could never answer honestly. Because you girls always want to be lied to, we just can’t.

And what do you suppose that question is?

This question that must never be answered?

Actually I gave it to you already.

It is the title of this blog post.

When my friend was out with a girl, he knew eventually she would pop this question. To her it is so innocent seeming because of the way she knows SHE would answer it.

When he told me the question?

My friend just smiled.

Of course because I’m a guy?

I knew exactly what he was thinking.

While he would always answer with something mundane like “hikes” or “fine dining?” What he was really thinking all along in his mind was, “I like to have SEX” obviously.

Yes girls it’s completely true.

Guys are very simple.

Give us sex and happy we’ll be.

Then we’ll gladly do anything else with you!

So what about you? If you were on a first date with a guy and you asked him this question, could you handle him actually answering it honestly?

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