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What Are Romantic Friendships? (Part 2)

So I’ve told you what Romantic Friendships are in general terms.

They are friendships “based around a romantic connection.”

But what do they look like in more specific terms?

Once again our friends at Psychology Today help us out.

In an article called 5 Reasons It’s Better To Be Friends Before Lovers, Abigail Brenner discusses why it is better to start a romantic relationship as a friendship.

And why is it better that way?

As the title suggests?

She sees 5 specific reasons for this.

Turns out every one of them describes Romantic Friendships.

Reason Number 1 is becoming friends lets you get to know your partner first for who they actually are. As I’ve told you with my definition of romantic love, integral to love is coming to truly value who your partner IS.

Reason Number 2?

Another thing friendship allows?

The room to also enjoy someone else.

There is always room for other relationships.

With Romantic Friendships as well “the understanding is that both of you are free to see (and date) other people. There are no ties or obligations. There is no possessiveness or jealousy.”

Romantic Friendships include Number 3 as well.

Because you are friends first and foremost?

This allows the two of you to build trust.

You feel “safe” and “secure” with each other naturally.

Reason Number 4 is that as friends, you are also free to explore more together. With Romantic Friendships, because you live separately, you never become “insolated and cocooned together.”

Because you always remain independent and free?

You can explore two things ongoing.

“Doing things that enrich” your “separate lives.”

But “also connect…more deeply to each other” as well.

As Reason 5 says, Romantic Friendships certainly can allow you to build on “shared goals” together, but the real beauty is you only focus on what you both have in common. Nothing else.

Where do Romantic Friendships differ from “normal” friendships then?

Here is the answer.

Though your friendhip evolves to include a romantic component?

It never requires you to commit to exclusivity or anything else.

What do you think? Are Romantic Friendships really that odd after all, or have you just bought into monogamy’s marketing program, and can you see how not only starting as friends but remaining romantic friends, is the best way to experience romantic love?

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