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What Am I So Sad About That She Just Left Me?

Sometimes people don’t understand.

Why would I be so sad when one of my monogamy girls leaves me?

Since she wanted monogamy all along?

Wasn’t her leaving eventually just part of the deal?

When someone says this my first response is to bite my tongue because it’s completely ridiculous. What does someone’s preferred relationship style have to do with how I feel when she takes her heart from me?

Plus you have to understand?

She was with me because she LOVED me.

Her desire to be monogamous?

That didn’t change the fact what we shared was real love.

My second response is to ask you why you think I should expect her to leave me? If she has a love with me she’s enjoying why would she choose to leave it behind?

This is something people just don’t get.

Romantic Friendships AREN’T temporary.

Even though you don’t commit to them?

There’s no reason they can’t go on indefinitely.

In fact I would add to this that their longevity has more potential. You’re not doing all the things that usually break monogamous relationships down.

In my experience the only catch?

It’s your persistent monogamy programming.

Because this is so ingrained in you?

Eventually you choose it over love.

As I’ve said before monogamy requires to you say “No” to love always. If this partner who has recently left me came back I would absolutely pick up where we left off.

When someone wins my heart?

She has my heart forever.

There is nothing I desire more.

I want to keep enjoying our love.

So yes forgive me if I find the question of my sadness a tad bit callous. I have met very few monogamous people who don’t eventually give up on a love they once shared.

So here I am feeling sad.

Still holding my heart out to her.

Hoping perhaps eventually?

She’ll come back to me again.

How about you? Can you really let go of a love you’ve shared and not feel sad when you lose it or is there something completely unnatural about you if you don’t feel this way when you lose a love?

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