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What A Thought! Get To Know Each Other First

Through my Facebook group subscriptions?

I get introduced to a lot of labels.

Usually I’m not that big on them.

My primary theme is “you be you.”

But one label I somewhat identify with is the label “demisexual.” Although these days this label is radical in my estimation you could just replace it with “normal” if you want.

In How I Date As A Demisexual?

The author suggests this is a sexual orientation.

Before a demisexual experiences sexual attraction?

They need a strong emotional connection with you first.

On this definition I suppose I’m not quite a demisexual. I can experience sexual attraction before I know a girl but I still don’t want to “go there” until we emotionally connect.

But one thing I can definitely say?

There is a difference to be had here.

Once your sexual desire is flowing from emotional connection?

You don’t want sex.

You want to make love.

As the author of this article says this makes “dating” a bit of a conundrum. While the rest of the world is just out there to “get it on” as a demisexual you want to “get to know” first.

As a guy when you try to do this?

You will often end up in the friend zone.

As a girl when you try to do this?

You will often end up alone.

There is a reason I’ve told you the modern dating world is totally defective. Everybody is following their attraction addictions over the cliff confusing this with love.

Love is all about intimacy.

Intimacy comes through familiarity.

The more you know a person the more it grows.

You can’t get there by heading to sex first.

Feeling “that spark” is totally okay as long as you take your time to explore it. Recognize there is much more than “chemistry” required when it comes to romantic love.

What do I keep suggesting to you?

Opt for Romantic Friendships.

If you don’t hitch a ride on the friendship train?

You’ll end up on that run away train over the cliff.

How about you? Are you finally starting to see that rushing straight to sex is self defeating and are you ready to take your time and develop a friendship first?

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