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Disney Has Messed All Of Us Up

Mark Manson made an excellent point.

He said, “Disney has ruined sex for everyone.”

How have they done that you ask?

By making all of you INSECURE.

They’ve made you guys insecure by putting girls up on a pedestal. How are you supposed to approach her when you don’t feel gallant enough to fight her battles for her?

Unless you’re out there fighting dragons?

Saving the fair damsel?

You just don’t feel worthy of her.

So you whimper and walk away.

You would think this would be great for you girls but as Mark points out the effect is the exact opposite. Since Disney convinced the guys they are not worthy of you, your Prince Charming never appears.

When he doesn’t appear of course?

Then you ALSO feel inadequate.

If no one is out there fighting to “win your heart?”

You must be “faulty” too.

Mark summarizes this whole thing by saying, “What a f*cked up way to go about finding someone to get naked with.”

While he obviously emphasizes sex?

It is actually true LOVE that is evading you.

As long as you play into this narrative?

This tragedy will continue.

But there is a deeper reality here that you also have to come to grips with. If nature hadn’t wired you for this fairytale, Disney could never had convinced you it’s true.

The truth is your biology?

It is the central culprit.

The only way to truly make your “dream come true?”

You need to be smarter than your DNA.

I’ve been told by my friends that believing an old dog can learn a new trick is completely delusional. But I still keep hoping you can finally prove them wrong and come through.

The better way I’m holding out to you?

It’s called Romantic Friendships.

Romantic Friendships “hack” the fairytale.

So you can create a more realistic “dream come true.”

What do you say? Is it time to grab that dragon by the tale and banish him from your life forever or will you keep wishing upon a star even though your dream never comes true?

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