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We’re More In Love Than Ever Now That We’re Separating

This is what some friends just said.

Talking about their “conscious separation.”

After several years of marriage now?

They believe it is time to end their relationship.

It has been quite a while since they have been in love, so they both decided it was time to admit this and just “face the music.”

Rather than split on bad terms though?

They are choosing to do so “consciously.”

To move on instead of break up.

Transition their relationship respectfully.

I admire these two for the courage they have, to recognize they’ve been taking each other for granted. I admire the way they are being two mature adults about it.

Too often?

You wait too long.

When you do?

You just end up hating each other.

But the most fascinating thing to me was this statement they made, about how their love is flourishing again now it’s finally over.

With time running out?

Making it “work” no longer the goal?

What did they find?

Sure enough.

They’re in love again!

This doesn’t mean they are going to reverse their decision, because the reasons they decided not to live together anymore still exists for them.

But take that pressure off?

So that only their love remains?

What do you know?

It can actually breathe again!

I’ve told you many times how the “cares of this life” will choke out your love completely. And sometimes when It’s gone, at first you don’t even notice it.

Not so with Romantic Friendships.

They protect and prioritize your love.

The connection you share is the total point

Your ONLY reason for being together.

How about you? Could it be the reason you’re not in love anymore, is because you’ve let everything else get in the way of it?

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