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Well That’s Never Happened To Me Before!

In my last post?

I casually dropped you a hint.

I had planned to ask a German girl out after a meetup.

But then I said, “Circumstances prevented it.”

At that time I didn’t give you the details.

I knew I needed a whole blog post to fill you in on it.

As it turns out those circumstances I mentioned to you then, were actually a GUY who got in my way of asking this girl out as I intended.


In pickup artist terms?

For my very first time?

I experienced what they call a “cock block.”

As you know I wasn’t out for sex.

But his actions were just as effective nonetheless.

Since I’ve never experienced this type of thing before, I was totally unprepared for it. It looped me so bad I just wandered away with my tail between my legs.

Remember how I totally won at the start?

I invited both this German girl and Mexican girl to my table?

At first only they and a Chinese guy were there.

But then a Korean guy pulled another table over.

The Korean guy was no problem at all and for most of the event things were still kosher. But then with about a half hour to go suddenly HE showed up.

He was a nice guy from Poland.

Okay dude.

His manner was easy going.

There was nothing to indicate anything was amiss.

As we got up to leave, I prepared to approach her.

But as we started toward the door, suddenly I could sense the environment subtly shifting. It was quite evident this guy was making a move to position himself near the girl I was interested in.

My big mistake?

I wanted to isolate her to talk to her.

I hoped as I stayed near her, he’d get the message.


He obviously had his intention set.

It didn’t matter to him what I was up to.

As I walked away, I wasn’t sure whether or not the German girl was reciprocating his interest. But since I had already conceded to him, there was nothing I could do at that point.

Lesson learned.

While it’s nice to get her alone?

If left without that choice?

You still need to go for it.

Had I proceeded?

I might have blocked HIM.

And of course, I’d have felt much better.

How about you? If you found yourself in a situation like this would you have pushed forward, or would you let that other guy take you out of the picture like this?

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  1. Jeff

    I experienced something even worse at a Meet-Up I attended. While I was chatting up an attractive girl, I noticed 2 guys standing close by observing us. I asked if they were part of the Meet-Up as well? They said they were, so I extended my hand introducing myself and to the girl and welcomed them into the circle. Next thing I knew, they were focusing all their attention on her, and basically nudging me out. At one point, I even said aloud that since a server hadn’t come over, perhaps I need to get my own beer. One of the 2 guys actually said to me: “Well, maybe you should go do that then”, which I read as “piss off”. How rude, considering how welcoming to them I’d initially been. A female friend I later told this story to laughed and said: “They were looking for an in to get at that girl, and you gave it to them on a silver platter!” She was right. Guess nice guys finish last…again.

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