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Too Much Of A Good Thing

I read an interesting Psychology Today article.

It says your flaws can be endearing.

While you’re worried you don’t impress?

Your partner finds you cute.

I know what they mean, and agree quite a lot that this can definitely be the case. When a girl gets embarrassed or is “klutzy” and careless, she can definitely wrap herself around my heart.

Why is this the case?

Because it makes you human.

If you never do anything wrong?

Your partner has you on a pedestal.

It’s like you’re a “god” to them.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now what happens to people who are kept on a pedestal. Only gods can stay up there, while the rest of us are bound to fall down.

SOME of those flaws though?

They are less than fully adorable.

Sometimes you overshare things.

Are brutally honest.

And gossip a lot.

These things can also be delightful when taken in small doses. Once you are exposed to them all the time though, their pleasure starts to wear thin.

You’ve heard that saying right?

Too much of a good thing?

The fact is every one of us?

Eventually we tire of “too much.”

This is just one more reason you should opt for Romantic Friendships. Because they keep you in a “dating” mode, these overdone flaws never become too much.

You only get together now and then.

You have separate lives from each other.

Try to LIVE with “too much” all the time?

You’ll become untethered for sure!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the magic ingredient is ABSENCE. If you overdue “too much” by living with it all the time, you’re going to end up in CONTEMPT.

Take my word for it.

You’re better off enjoying little moments.

Don’t enmesh your lives together.

Keep your times special instead.

What do you think? Have you ever lived with a lover whose flaws you found “endearing,” only to find that as time went by they began to wear on you?

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