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To Orgasm Or Not To Orgasm That Is The Question

You know sometimes girls?

How it seems to us guys?

We can’t please you no matter what we do.

Try as we may?

You seem to catch us. whether you’re coming or going.

Or in this case, cumming or not cumming!

According to an article called Men Want You to Orgasm Because It Makes Them Feel Manly, Study Says, when a guy helps you orgasm? He’s not really thinking of you.


He’s thinking about himself yet again.

How making you orgasm means he’s MASCULINE.

You know what?

There is something you’re forgetting here.

It wasn’t that long ago when you said us guys were being selfish, because we DIDN’T care if you orgasmed. Now that we do? You’ve found yet another way to tell us we’re falling short with you.

Damned if we do.

Damned if we don’t.

It appears either way, we just can’t satisfy you.

The funny thing is?

Most guys would be totally happy.

Give them ANY kind of orgasm?

They’ll be content with YOU.

But as is always the case with the fairer sex? Things are infinitesimally more “complicated.” For you to value orgasming, it is not just important that you DO orgasm, but also important HOW you do.

Good grief!

And you wonder why we masturbate?

Now don’t get me wrong.

I totally understand this.

Making love and just “having sex” with you are completely different. I’m all about taking the time to bring you to arousal,. so when intercourse happens it’s because you’re really wanting it to.

And yes.

I admit it.

Guys have told me occasionally that I’m a STUD.

Because I can make love for hours.

So far girls orgasm freely with me.

And some guys DO think this is masculine.

Their idea of what makes a “great lover” I guess.

Once again what is humorous to me, is when I’m making love I frequently choose NOT to orgasm. Not because I can’t keep going after that, but because what I really prefer while making love is the experience of CONNECTION.

Whether or not a girl orgasms?

That also doesn’t really matter to me.

That whole fixation is dopamine-based anyway.

I prefer to build up that lovely oxytocin.

The stuff that bonds myself and my lover.

How about you?

To be or not to be…an orgasmer?

What say you? Is it really important to you that he bring you to climax every time he’s with you, or are you more interested in really connecting with him when you’re making love?

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