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Things Really Do Change (Part 2)

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So last night was New Years Eve.

The end of 2020.

And just like I told you in Part 1?

I had another grateful epiphany.

I was sitting around wondering what to do having just watched my “traditional” New Years Eve movie. I was going to be connecting online with someone later but I still had a few hours to burn.

Suddenly as I was sitting there?

I had another of those revelations.

In my past what would I have been doing right then?

Masturbating to PORN of course!

My mind drifted back to all the years and all the wasted holiday seasons. Instead of wanting to connect with family I spent them wishing I could slink off to “get off” again.

Slip down to my office.

Turn on the computer.

Make my way to my favorite site.

And let the “fun” begin.

But here I was in 2020 exactly 10 years from when my deliverance started. The year I flew home from Alberta to find out my wife was considering leaving me.

Fast forward 10 years now?

I’m a completely changed person.

I still view porn if I want to of course.

But I no longer view it because I HAVE TO.

And as I sat there last night on New Years Eve and this whole insight hit me? I realized there and then I just didn’t want to do that particularly.

Just like that time in Vegas.

The idea hadn’t even struck me.

Only when I realized it hadn’t?

That was when this whole thing came into view for me.

And unlike the past when just the thought of masturbating to porn would be enough to get me dopamine chasing? Instead I lay down and took a nap so I would be fresh for the rest of my online visiting.

Yes things really do change!

They can change for YOU also.

With just a little guidance and help from me?

Next New Years Eve what I’ve just described here could be you!

What do you say? Are you tired of endlessly chasing that next porn spread to see if it will give you the ultimate orgasm and are you ready to reach out to me now so I can introduce you to this freedom?

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