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There’s Only 2 Answers To That Question And One Of Them Is Great!

I had a great experience last night.

A client looked me up for a catch up.

He and I meet up a couple times a year to compare notes.

I told you about him a while ago.

He’s the guy who found himself endlessly dating girls he calls “Van City Girls.” These girls are so busy with their lives they don’t really have time to “fit you in.”

Finally he decided to go back in time.

Date a girl he had “written off” previously.

They have enjoyed a connection for well over a year now.

As this client and I were chatting?

A cute little Asian waitress served us.

You know these girls are one of my weaknesses!

I told my client I thought she was adorable with such a wonderful personality. I also told him how another time I was in the restaurant I almost asked her out.

On that occasion I couldn’t time things right.

Always tricky with waitresses.

You don’t want to ask them when they are really busy.

You could come off as a jerk.

But last night things were optimal.

So I decided to pop the question.

As she was processing our credit cards I said to her, “You know something?” and she said, “What?” Then I said, “I think you are absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to catch a drink with you sometime.”

And there it was.

The moment of truth.

Would she say YES or would she say NO to me?

Sadly this time?

The answer was NO.

But she told me I was really sweet to ask.

Isn’t that a terrible thing for a girl to say to you? Imagine my feeling of rejection. I hope you know I’m speaking fecetiously because that’s not how I felt at all.

How I felt was exhilarated!

Because I boldly asked the question.

I did so because I know a simple truth.

One I learned from a real estate investor years ago.

This guy always offered 25% BELOW market.

Think he had a few rejections?


But do you think they bothered him once he got a YES?

He said, “Whenever you make an offer to a seller there are only 2 answers to that question and one of them is GREAT!” He also said, “If you don’t ask, you’ve already got NO.'”

In this case the girl said, “No thank you.”

But did you notice she wasn’t unkind about it?

Very rarely will a girl be like that.

Because you just paid her an enormous complement.

And you get to walk away feeling great about yourself.

Because you put yourself out there and took your chances.

So remember this truth when you wonder if you should go for it.

There are only 2 answers she can give you and one of them is GREAT!

What do you think guys? Are you ready to quit deciding you’ve already got NO and give her the chance to actually say YES to you?

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