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There’s Only 2 Answers To That Question And One Of Them Is Great! (Part 2)

This one happened that same day.

The day it “sucked to be me” with that cute Asian.

This time though it was a Slavic girl.

And I did everything right!

My friend and I were standing in line at a Greek festival, when we both took note of a tall, slim, beautiful blonde who sat down at one of the perimeter tables. When we were ready to seat ourselves, we saw there was room beside her so we went there.

I picked a “prop” and began talking with her.

She was very receptive.

I had a real sense of her glancing my way more than once.

It felt like real interest.

She even instigated moments of conversation without my inspiration. On top of that, I found out she was from Slovakia and thought to myself, “Yikes! Along with Asian girls, another of my weaknesses!”

I was very grateful I had dressed well for the occasion.

She was dressed well of course.

Again like that Asian girl earlier in the day?

Her nails were long and well kept too.

While we were there, some friends of hers arrived and initially tried to sit at our table, but then decided there was better room at a nearby one instead. I suggested my friend and I could move, but she said that wasn’t necessary.

Again interest??

At one point I indicated I was from Alberta.

“I hear prairie boys are good,” she said.

I told her, “Not only that, but my last name is Good.”

She laughed.

Finally her and her friend got ready to leave, and I decided I had to ask for her number. I did, and while she was very appreciative, she said she had been alone now for several years and wanted it that way.

I tried to get her to take my number

She just wouldn’t go for it.

She said, “It was fun sharing dinner with you.”

And that was that.

I suspect she is the classic Slavic girl whose desired monogamous relationship fell apart on her. She lives alone with a tiny chihuahua now. Sad.

I was very glad I asked for her number though!

That I’d redeemed myself from earlier.

Just like those “prairie boys” guys?

Sometimes you just gotta get back up on that horse!

What do you think guys? Would you let such a brutal experience earlier in the day prevent you from such an enjoyable experience later, or would you lick your wounds like I did and get right back at it again?

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