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There’s No Such Thing As A Committed Relationship

So is your partner really committed to you?

Or are you just imagining it?

If alternative options came along?

Would their love for you still remain?

According to a recent article, the questions I’m asking are far from controversial. More and more in the modern world, the idea of commitment just isn’t flying.

The three factors that influence commitment?

They are satisfaction, alternatives and investment.

If your partner gets unhappy?

If they meet “someone else?”

All bets are off.

Will they still invest in you?

What this means is that commitment really doesn’t amount to much of anything. The only thing that really matters, is whether or not your connection is real and happening NOW.

Just what I told you before.

But now you have science to back it.

What’s scary if you read between the lines of this article though?

What makes commitment “work” is DEPENDENCY.

The author of the article says this is a major factor in your partner remaining committed. The more they depend on you to meet their needs, the more likely they are to stay with you.

Unfortunately for you though?

That is not commitment.

In attachment theory what is it called?


In order to be in love with your partner, you don’t need to be dependent on them. The more you become dependent on their love, the less secure your love actually is.

The road to true security?

It’s through the path of INDEPENDENCE.

The more okay you are alone?

The less needy you are?

The more you can truly GIVE to someone.

Once you are secure like this, it no longer matters if your partner meets and loves other people. All you’re looking to do is share your own connection with them, irrespective of their other connections.

As long as you both are satisfied?

You’ll continue to make the investment.

That’s the beautiful thing about Romantic Friendships.

You can enjoy love without becoming dependent on anyone.

What do you think? Is there really such a thing as a committed relationship, or are you mistaking what you have right now for something other than it actually is?

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