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There Are Only 3 Types Of Lovers – Which One Are You? (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series There Are Only 3 Types Of Lovers - Which One Are You?

What is always amazing to me?

How consistent relationship patterns are.

Just the other day a female coach friend?

She pointed out yet another way to see this thing.

“I didn’t come here, to this planet, to this world, to be feminine,” Jeanine Gibeaut says. “In a spiritual culture obsessed with feminine and masculine and doing them ‘right,’ this is going to shock some people.”

Jeanine is critiquing what I call “extreme polarity.”

Relationship coaches who INSIST on masculine/feminine “embodiment.”

I pointed out something similar a while back about the followers of David Deida.

His views are an example of what I spoke about in Part 1.

With the focus on the popular new age concept of masculine and feminine energy? As you might expect there is a similar Dominant/Submissive scale happening where the masculine is the dominant and the submissive is the feminine.

Jeanine continues, “Back to my original statement.”

“If I didn’t come here to be feminine?”

“What DID I come here for?”

“To be myself.”

In other words the answer to all this polarity nonsense is simple AUTHENTICITY. It’s only when you’re playing games and not in balance with yourself that you get worried about this other stuff.

“It’s when shit gets out of balance that life (and love) goes haywire.”

“We’re paranoid about whether we’re doing it right.”

“We’re judgmental of everything everyone else is doing.”

“We fear getting hurt, getting wronged, being wrong.”

“Everything in relationships is a struggle.”

“And when we’re in that balance, we feel good. We do good. We interact with people in healthy ways. We don’t feel the need to control them or fear them. We have freedom. We attract people who love us.”




And now?


Jeanine finishes by pointing out when you’re out of balance with yourself you “attract others who are out of balance” too. People who are genuine “won’t stay long” because they don’t find your inauthenticity “pleasant” to be with.

So once again I ask you?

Which of the three types of lovers are you?



Or are you just happy being YOURSELF?

What do you think? Is it really necessary to worry about whether you’re correctly “embodying” the masculine or the feminine or will your love life best be served by being who you actually are instead?

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