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The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Commit To A Girl

I know it’s counter intuitive.

You think you’ll win her heart if you commit to her.

After all?

If she would just commit to you?

She’d have your heart forever right?

The problem is, if you believe committing to her will give you her heart, you are sadly mistaken. Despite what you’ve been told about girls, they are not monogamous at all.


That’s right.

Girls are NOT monogamous.

They’ve just been programmed to believe they are.

They are only serially monogamous at best.

The proof is in the pudding.

Long term monogamy is not what they do.

In an article called The Bored Sex, culture critic and author Wednesday Martin explains this anomaly. She brings together a number of studies, that show a girl will tire of you over time.

When she does?

She will lose interest in sex with you.

Not sex itself.

Just sex with YOU.

That’s right you heard correctly.

She will happily be sexual with ANOTHER guy.

This has nothing to do with whether she is able to have sex, or orgasm, or how frequently you two do your business together. It is because the sex she is having with you, is not the sex she WANTS.

I’ve told you how girls want to be “swept of their feet?”

How this is their basic natural addiction?

This addiction carries on into your relationship.

She wants that “can’t-get-enough-of-you” feeling all the time.


Monogamy is the death knell of that feeling.

As Wednesday says, long term relationships are “tough on desire, and particularly FEMALE desire.” And “Instututionalization of the relationship, overfamilarity, and desexualization of roles…mess with female passion especially.”

Is there no hope for your love then?

Yes there is!

But you have to be unconventional.

The key is in the following statement by the author:

“…women living with a partner were more likely to lack interest in sex than those in other relationship categories.”

Did you catch that phrase?

“OTHER relationship categories?”

That phrase right there?

It’s the key.

This is why I’m always talking to you about Romantic Friendships. Why I keep telling you that they make the most sense for your love life.

And if you are a girl reading this too?

You should also recognize what I’m saying.

If he won’t commit, you’ll keep desiring each other.

And isn’t that what you’re really after in your love life anyway?

What do you say? Is it finally time to acknowledge the facts, and start configuring your love life accordingly, or will you continue to do things the conventional way, and keep ending up with the conventional result too?

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