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The Right Way To Be In The Friend Zone

If you’re a Nice Guy?

Listen up!

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

This one is going to change your life completely.

I know.

Because I myself am one of you.

Because I’m a Nice Guy, I’ve gone through the drill. I know exactly how you’re feeling. You really love this girl in your life, and because of that you want to “be there” for her.

But you keep ending up stuck with her.


Not stuck in a relationship.

You end up wishing that she loved you back.

That she would finally see your love.

Start reciprocating.

Everybody out there keeps telling you, that your problem IS that you’re a Nice Guy. You’re not being nice, because you really care about her, but only because you want her to like you.

But you know that is total BS.

You really do think she is special.

Let the haters hate.

You know your heart.

And your heart is really FOR her.

Even though all of this is actually true, there is still one part of that BS story to which you should pay attention. While there is nothing wrong with loving your unrequited love, you need to do so in a way the preserves your dignity.

How do you do that?

By not just sitting there.

Endlessly pining and pining over her.


While you continue to be there for her?

You also continue to be “out there.”

Pursuing your other options.

The right way to be in the friend zone with a girl, is to always be exploring other potential relationships. Once you’re doing that? The whole friend zone stigma ends, because you’re no longer acting like her puppy dog.

I actually love this.

When I love who I love?

I can do so without becoming a BETA.

I can maintain my frame.

Make it clear to her I want more.

But what I also make it clear to her?

I’m not going to sit around waiting for her either.

She is welcome at anytime though, to indicate she’s ready to start behaving. Quit being disappointed by that Bad Boy she keeps crying to me about, and open her heart to this Nice Guy who is actually emotionally available to her.

Can you get out of the friend zone with her?


I’ve done it.

So once again, I know what I’m talking about. But you can’t do it by being a pussy.

Your choice?

It isn’t between Nice Guy and Alpha.

It may never happen with her at all.

So keep moving on.

Until she finally comes to her senses!

What do you think? Have you been making the mistake of thinkiing being nice to her and loving her, means she is the only girl worth pursuing, and shouldn’t you instead be opening yourself up as well, to all the other wonderful girls who are waiting for you to discover them?

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