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The Real Difference In Relationships Is How You Argue

Is that really true?

Is relationship conflict really inevitable?

To read most relationship coaches?

You would think it is.

I’m certainly not here to pretend that two human beings will never disagree about anything. I even told you myself how to protect your partner when you do.

But what have I also told you?

Most of the time love doesn’t need to be hard for you.

Despite claims made by others?

I don’t think you girls need to be “bitchy.”

Or you guys an “asshole.”

So why then is it the case, that every relationship coach worth his or her “salt” keeps saying this? So much so, that they even insist fighting with each other shows you care?

Once again?

This has to do with what you include in your relationship.

Once you see your partner as “yours?”

Once you live together?

Have kids?

All bets are off.

But focus your relationship solely on the good stuff, and recognize you don’t own your partner? Now it becomes extremely hard for things to go south on you.

Not impossible.

You can still experience miscommunication.

But if you drop all expectations?

Appreciate your partner’s love for you is a GIFT?

Those are little blips you can easily get through.

Imagine if you made your love life about absolutely nothing else, but your connection! Imagine if all you did together was focus on the two of you.

Wouldn’t that change things?

Make things flow?

Make it easy to avoid conflict together?

Make love simple, like you know it ought to be?

This is what it’s like to enjoy the freedom of Romantic Friendships. You get to enjoy romantic love in your life, without sacrificing your independence at all.

You don’t assume upon each other.

You just appreciate what you’re sharing.

You leave all that “conflict stuff’ for others.

You just keep enjoying the two of you.

Love without the baggage!

What do you think? Is the real difference in relationships really how you argue, or is the real difference how you structure your love life so you have no reason to?

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