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The Point Of No Return (Part 3)

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A while back I introduced you to the problem.

What is that?

At one time or another, every girl I’ve met?

She’s reached The Point Of No Return?

The Point Of No Return is a point you girls arrive at in a relationship, where something the guy you’re with has done is so awful to you, that it’s over forever with him.

In Part 2 as I clarified?

This isn’t about break up excuses or partner criteria.

What it really represents?

It’s your unwillingness to FORGIVE.

I told you while this is something that in all my years I have never seen guys doing, it is something I’ve heard from almost 100% of you girls.

What I want to do today?

Is back up this claim up with science.

In an article called Are You Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Some studies are shared that confirm this phenonemon.

An Austrian research psychologist looked at the relationship breakup recovery strategies of 876 young adults. What she found was the strategies each of you use is dependent on the gender you are.

Sure enough?

Guys think more positively about their ex partner.

They cling to the hope of getting together again.

Often they don’t even understand why you broke up!

When it comes to you girls however, it is a totally different story. Once you have decided you’re done, you focus on the “negative qualities” of your ex partner and dismiss “their positive aspects.”


Where have I encountered this before?

Oh that’s right!

With almost every single one of you I’ve talked to!

The people leading this study sought an explanation in evolutionary biology. Supposedly you girls are frustrated to this point, because your biological aim is to get a guy’s commitment. Whereas guys are wired to be less committed in the long run, so they let you down.

As I said above though?

I’ll have to part ways with them on this one.

I think because of your more emotional natures?

Eventually you just won’t forgive, because you feel you’ve been hurt “too much.”

So what do you think girls? Am I mistaken that this one is distinctively a female “problem,” or am I right that your emotions get the better of you so you finally just decide his chances are done?

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