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The Nice Guy’s Perpetual Conundrum

“I want him to love me for me.”

So say you girls each time I speak with you.

You don’t want a guy who is just “out for sex.”

You want him to be interested in really knowing you.

As a Nice Guy I can definitely relate to this, because that’s also what WE are wanting. We want you to desire us for who we are, and not just because we “came onto you.”

But you know what girls?

Despite what you say?

Your actions still speak louder.

If we take the time to get to know you first?

You friend zone us and that’s the end of it.

Even worse? If we express our love once we know you, then you just get angry. You accuse us of deceiving you and not being “honest” from the start about our “real” intentions.

But that’s the thing girls.

You can’t have it both ways.

Until a guy gets to know you?

How can he have any genuine romantic intentions?

So this is the conundrum we Nice Guys always face. The choice seems to be perpetually between being “just friends,” or being a PLAYER.

This is why eventually?

That Nice Guy finally caves.

He gives up on you altogether.

Since you can’t do friends first?

He just goes for sex.

Closing the friend zone option forever.

Let me tell you an important truth about those Nice Guys who can truly love you. They hate the fact you don’t give them the choice of taking their time to learn more about you.

Few guys are like me.

I won’t play the games.

I take my time and if you friend zone me?

I just keep moving.

Connect with the next girl.

Waiting for someone capable of coming to love me.

This isn’t how we Nice Guys want things to work of course, but until you girls develop more emotional maturity? Most Nice Guys will keep learning to be “out for sex,” and I’ll keep looking for the few of you who are the exception.

What I’d really recommend to you though?

Make the choice.

Decide to become exceptional!

Don’t friend zone guys.

Give them a chance.

Learn to let that Nice Guy grow on you!

What do you think girls? Is there even a remote chance in your life you can learn this lesson before it’s too late for you, or are you destined to be “loved and left” again and again forever?

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