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The Natural Dating Food Chain

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Whether you’re willing to recognize it or not?

There is definitely a dating “food chain” happening out there.

What I mean is an identifiable “pecking order.”

And you are somewhere along it.

At the top of the food chain is the “alpha male,” who can have sex with any girl he wants to. All he has to do is walk into a room, and all the hotties flock to him.

Next in line is the hottie herself.

The haughty one.

Or the insecure one.

She is the one the Bad Boy is hunting for.

The rest of us mere mortals primarily watch from the sidelines, as these princes and princesses of “the game” play things out. It’s an endless wonder to us, the way they keep hooking up.

But hooking up also has its costs.

Usually the “victim” is the hottie.

That Bad Boy loves her and leaves her all the time.

When he does, she seeks comfort.

That’s where the next member in line on the food chain comes in, because this is the role of the Nice Guy. His job is to be “there for her,” and listen to all her problems.

Of course the Nice Guy?

He has problems of his own.

His biggest one?

He actually loves her!

Though the hottie can’t see herself, the Nice Guy knows she deserves so much better than how that Bad Boy is treating her. He hopes one day she’ll let him love her instead, and free him from her friend zone.

So who is at the bottom of the food chain you ask?

It is the sweet girl.

She loves the Nice Guy for who he is.

He’s too fixated on the hottie to even notice her.

I’m sure by now you have probably recognized yourself, and figured out your role in this overall fiasco. The question is whether you’ll stay where you are, or finally decide to change it.

To change things, what should you do?

Just look down the food chain for your answer.

The person below you is your natural partner.

The one who will genuinely love you!

How about you? Do you agree the modern dating scene is as drear as I’ve described it, and are you ready now to break free from it?

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