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The Most Important Thing You Need To Do To Be In Love Is Nothing (Part 2)

A friend of mine I’ve known for a few years?

He also teaches about relationships.

Though his focus has always been on attracting love?

Now he’s married he’s also reflecting on what being together means.

As he says, “…a relationship filled with non-stop adventure is fun and exciting, but at the end of the day, the small, quiet moments are what make up the majority of your lives.”

And isn’t that really the case?

I mean how much CAN you travel?

Unless you’re independently wealthy?

Not so much.

But maybe you think the best way to “be” together is to find a higher purpose and share it. Maybe working together is the way you can enrich your lives.

Once again what my friend has learned?

He and his girl “struggle to work together.”

And “when we are traveling?”

“We tend to get into little squabbles.”

While such challenges are not minor things they are not the “main events” that should concern you. My friend says when the rubber meets the road what really matters is how good you and your partner are at “doing nothing.”

“A lot of our arguments?” he says.

They “come from unmet expectations.”

“What we think the other should be doing.”

Just like I always say.

“But when it comes to not doing anything… we flow, we laugh, we make love, we cook and tidy and laugh some more.”


Kinda sounds like Romantic Friendships yes?

And what am I always telling you?

You should make your relationship about nothing else but this.

My friend is right! “The majority of our lives will be made up of the quiet moments in between the doing.” And doing “nothing” like this is the most important thing you need to do to be in love.

Nothing else.


Major in doing “nothing” together?

Your love will go on effortlessly.

Try it and see!

What do you say? Is love as hard as you think it is or have you been confusing love with “doing” and will you now begin to make your love life about only “nothing” instead?

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