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The Key To Having A Love Life That’s Abundant

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I was thinking today about all the love in my life.

All the girls for whom I have affection.

I couldn’t tell you how many of them there are anymore.

I get warm inside as I think about each and every one of them.

“Wow Kel! How many options do you have? It sounds like you have yourself quite a harem! Wish I was a stud like you seem to be! You should bottle up what you’ve got and sell it!”

Thanks for the vote but don’t get carried away!

Pay attention to what I did and didn’t say there.

What I told you is I have a lot of LOVE in my life.

It did NOT say I have a thousand relationships.

Over the past 6 plus years since I left my long term relationship I have dated and gotten to know a whole lot of girls I admit it. But only a few of them took me up on my offer to explore a deeper connection with me.

So if that’s the case?

How can I make this claim?

Say that my life is FULL of love?

That I have affection for each and every one of them?

I can say this because my love for each of the girls I love is not conditional on her reciprocation. It is never a condition that she “love me back” or love me back the way I’d prefer she did.

But what I’m telling you here?

It really is the KEY.

Master what I’m saying now?

You too will have a love life that is always ABUNDANT.

Remember how I’m always telling you that real romantic love is the desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection? And that the reason you desire this is that you VALUE your partner and want to share yourself with them?

This is how I feel about each of these girls.

Either that or I desire to explore the potential.

But the VALUING I’m talking about here?

It already exists in my heart – at least in the bud – for every one of them.

What this means is I already love most of them because love is UNCONDITIONAL. Yes I would love to have the opportunity to more fully express how I feel but that’s not necessary for me to feel it.

So my life is indeed RICH with romantic love.

And since I’m always exploring and remaining open?

Whether or not a particular girl chooses to have a romantic friendship with me?

I still hold her in my heart as I go forward!

What do you say? Have you been thinking you have to have a relationship with someone to enjoy love for them or can you see what I’m telling you here is indeed the key to an abundant love life?

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    I agree! And it also seems this could be the key to having a more fulfilling love life!

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