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The Key To Having A Love Life That’s Abundant (Part 2)

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You know what?

I love girls and I always have.

And I don’t have many preferences.

My experience is?

Each of you is special in your own way.

When I came to Vancouver 8 years ago, learning to meet girls was one of my objectives. I’d been off the “market” for a very long time, so I had some catching up to do.

My first year?

I must have dated over 50 GIRLS in total!

Nothing serious for the most part.

I just tried to learn to get to know some of you.

Despite the volume I worked at that time, I didn’t find many “takers.” Being a bit older and polyamorous and an INTJ intellectual does present some challenges.

But that’s alright.

I love all of you anyway.

Were you to change your minds?

Say, “Let’s get started?”

I’d still explore a connection with any of you.

You wrapped yourselves around my heart.

What can I say?

I love you!

Just last night I got a chance to learn a bit about a girl who really intrigues me. Her quiet calm exterior was hiding a very intelligent soul from me.

Am I “incel-ing” here?

Nothing of the sort!

I totally LOVE the girls I’ve encountered.

Over time?

I completely expect to enjoy lots of wonderful relationships.

Even the girls who’ve broken up with me?

You’re welcome back anytime!

I can say this though because I learned a very important lesson the year I was doing all that dating. I learned how important it is to be okay just being me.

That’s the key to loving girls.

It’s being okay without them.

Once you reach that place?

You’re free to truly GIVE yourself.

Enjoy them without clinging to them.

So if you’re a guy right now who is bemoaning your lack of “success” with girls? Just remember this somewhat older, polyamorous INTJ intellectual guy.

If I can be okay alone?

You can too!

If I expect great connections with girls?

So should you!

Remember you’re only looking for the few.

The ones who will love without the baggage!

What do you think guys? Is your problem that girls aren’t attracted to you, or do you just need to learn to be okay by yourself so you can finally love them?

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