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The International Girls In My Life (Part 8)

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“How big of an ass are we talking?” I asked her.

She smiled when I said it.

She was a cute French Canadian girl.

We met her on Rue Mont Royal that day.

I dubbed her Big Ass Girl in my mind, not because hers was substantial. I did so because of how she instructed us: “You’ll find the entrance to Mont Royal past the big ass park, a block down on the left.”

One of my favorite French Canadian girl memories though?

It was Pyranha Girl.

She was a cute 20 something.

She tended us in the Pyranha bar on St Catherine’s that day.

She was all decked out in goth black, with tats and chains and piercings and even a whale tail happening. She dropped and added her “h’s” in all the right places as well. She was excited to share how she’d recently moved to the big city and was furnishing her first place ever.

And how could I ever forget that night?

We met her on the metro.

An attractive French Canadian “home sit” girl.

Beautiful, multi-beaded earings graced her face.

My buddy told her they looked so wonderful against her dark hair. Immediately animated, she told us how each morning she picks her earings based on her mood, and loved these ones when she wears black, like she was that evening.

Then there were all the other girls.

The ones walking around braless.

Needless to say this good little Christian boy?

He took in appreciatively a new aspect of French culture.

And then there was the much older girl who a Montreal friend introduced as “the quintessential French Canadian woman.” A former exec with Lancome, she was a delightful encounter indeed . When she offered my older friend a French kiss, he laughed and scolded her, “Don’t cross the line with me!”

And then there were the Hooters girls.

Even more sexy with those accents!

And unlike the Hooters girls in Vegas?

These girls were dressed appropriately!

While I know “technically” as a Canadian, for me Montreal is not truly international? Walking the streets of Old Montreal last year brought me back to my time in “au Paris!” There is something so international and exotic about the French Canadian female experience!

The unique way they wear their hair.

Their attire (or lack thereof).

Their smiles.

Their frowns.

Every one to the nth degree so delightful!

How about you? Is a trip to Montreal to encounter these French lovelies on your agenda, and if it is will you let me know when you’re going so I can tag along with you!

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