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The International Girls In My Life (Part 7)

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So last year I did something unique with this day.

“And what was that?” you ask me.

Instead of messaging the international girls in my life?

I didn’t contact any of them.

For several years now I’ve taken a completely different approach to this day historically. I would hop into Facebook Messenger, and privately message all the international girls I know, to wish them a happy day.

But this year I didn’t do that at all.

For whatever reason it didn’t occur to me.

I only messaged one special international girl.

I shared a humorous experience from my life with her.

But I didn’t message her because of the day it was, I just did so spontaneously. Instead of being fixated on this day as something special, I just chose to include this special girl in my life naturally.

When did this difference occur to me?

It was when a friend of mine did the opposite.

On his and his partner’s Instragam?

He posted an International Women’s Day tribute to his wife.

When I read his post what I said to myself was, “Yeah. I guess you better do that. I suspect if you failed to do so, you might never hear the end of it.”

But then it really struck me.

What I had done was completely spontaneous.

I didn’t do it because it was International Women’s Day.

I just did it out of love.

This is the way things ought to be, as you think about the girls (or guys) you’re loving. You should want to share yourself with them, whatever day it is.

When you’re nurturing your connection?

Obligatory days like this become irrelevant.

EVERY day is special.


Because of your special connection.

When you love someone, you don’t have to TRY to express your appreciation. You show your partner your appreciation as naturally as breathing in and out.

This international girl and I?

We share a very precious connection.

We want to share ourselves with each other.

We just can’t get enough.

How about you? Is the relationship you have with that special girl so natural and important, that when a commercialized day like this comes by, it doesn’t matter whether or not you remember it?

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